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Elevating NWM Women  With easy to implement systems and Automation shorcuts – Join us on the inside as we share all the secrets, systems and hacks from some of the best in the biz. 

It has been so much fun to play with a community of like minded NWMers that are all wanting more
Sam D
6 Figure income earner

Genius Portal inclusions

What you will find on the inside….

Learning new ways

Online learning taken to the next level. We teach all the systems and automation that you need to uplevel.

Live Coaching and Challenges

Monthly coaching with Jo and Roechelle to work your way through the focus of the month. We are here to support you all the way.

Knowledge Base and Resources

We will keep all the resources that we recommend and all replays coaching in a resource centre.... with time there will never be a topic you can't get help on.

Connection and Community

Being a Solopreneur can be a lonely road...Never feel alone again. Encouragement from your peers & mentors, a place you can ask Q's and connect with an empowering community.

Ask for What You Want to See

Upgrade to the Genius Lounge for more courses and if it is not yet in there and you want or need it. Great! As part of your Lounge membership, you can request it.

Plug and Play Systems

We are not about creating more work for you than we are giving you our systems for you to use and make your own. Canva templates, Trello planners, system suggestions that are easy to implement and manage. Best of all they get results. You will get a few in the NWM Portal however UNLOCK them ALL with the Genius Lounge.

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